"Just wanted to let you know my renters texted me that they were so impressed at how "immaculate" and "spotless" the place was! Thank you!"

Tammy Beachfront Property Owner,

May 2022

"Terrific window. washers they were good and so polite!"

Sarah Margate

May 2022

"Fantastic cleaning. Thank you!"

Steve, Somers

Pt. Bi-Weekly Client, Jan. 2022

"We just got to the Shore the house looks awesome"

Marianne, Home Owner of 6 Bedroom/5 Bathroom in the Gardens of OC... Deep Clean late

April 2022

"The ladies did a great job! Thank you!"

Cindy C. Margate Deep Clean,

March 2022

"I didn't expect such a greta job power washing the house, pavements and windows. Thank you!"

Jen Power Wash Client

April, 2022

"Thank you for the deep cleaning! You always keep it looking spotless with just turnover and regular cleaning. I can only imagine what a deep cleaning looks like. Please tell the cleaners, I am always very happy with their service!"

Jennifer, Asbury Ave. Owner

November, 2021

"Thanks so much. My wife Wendy is beyond happy!'

Richard, Property Owner Wesley Ave., in Ocean City:

August, 2021

"Just wanted to pass along that our current tenants commented on how clean the house was. These tenants have been renting from us for over 10 years. and have never said that before. Thanks for all your hard work."

D.B., Wesley Ave. Beach Front Property Owner


"Just got here and don't recognize the place! Looks and smells so clean. Thank you guys so very much! "

Deep Clean Customer, Gardens Area


"Thank you! The place is clean and absolutely spotless!" -

Guests of our clients,

March 2021

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